Here I sit, watching an old episode of Bullseye. I feel that my youth was wasted. I could have been playing darts and getting the practice in early. One year of darts just doesn’t seem to be enough at my age! The highlight of my week could have been watching the Lakeside and looking forward to a bit of Bully on prime time TV.

By no means do I claim to know all there is about darts. But I do crave the knowledge. My Dad was never particularly into the sport, and I can only wish my Granddad was around to tell me stories of Bobby George winning the News of the World Championship or John Lowe’s incredible T17, T18, D18 finish earning him over £100,000 in 1984, first hand.

I am a late generation of darts fan, however, certainly not the latest. There’s a whole new crop after me, with talent that threatens to surpass our heroes of the past and present – the likes of Arron Monk, Michael van Gerwen and the youngster Josh Richardson who I was stunned by just a couple of weeks ago.

I recently spoke to Eric Bristow and in conversation I asked him what advice he would give new darts players.”Be fearless,” he told me, “Fear no one.”

Ok. First of all: easier said than done.

Secondly, where does fear end and respect begin? We’ve all heard the top darts players in the world express their opinions of new talent. They know these kids aren’t scared of them, but could they actually be thinking they don’t respect them? I find this a difficult concept to grasp; I’m the kind of person who respects everyone until they give me a reason not to.

Regardless of my naivety, there still seems to be a blurred line between fearlessness and disrespect. If it comes down to age, I guess it’s difficult for the younger generations to comprehend darts in its heyday. They don’t necessarily know what it was like for the old school darts players.

On the other hand, perhaps respect isn’t an issue and they are just fearless. The world is a bigger and bolder place today. We are a generation screwed by economy and terrorism. There is enough to fear everyday so why let anything stand in your way that you may have the slightest chance at affecting? To those future darting legends, I say; Rock On!

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