BDO Board Changes, Weston out – Harvey In

Rod Harvey was elected to the BDO Board of Directors at the 2012 Annual General Meeting. Youth Director Derek Weston was not re-elected, but the remainder of the BDO Board – Chairman, Barry Gilbey, Tournament Director Wayne Williams, BICC and Correspondence Director Sue Williams and Rules Director Vic Sexton were all re-elected.

Rod Harvey was originally elected to the BDO Board in 1989 and took over from Sam Hawkins looking after Division 3 North. Arnold Westlake resigned in July 1991 and Rod offered to do the accounts for that financial year on the understanding that if the Board were satisfied he would continue. He has been doing the BDO accounts ever since. He has enjoyed the title of Company Secretary during the past year and is currently Treasurer for the European Darts Council.

Taken from BDO website

Update 18 Sept 2012  – Yet More Changes!

At a recent BDO Board meeting it was decided to enhance the re-structuring of the company to facilitate the challenges which lie ahead as the BDO develops its position and brand going forward.

The changes include the addition of the following Executive Directors:

DAVID BALLANTYNE as Executive IT Director
LINDA WARE as Executive Business Development Director
JOHN WELLER as Executive Merchandising Director

In addition, the role of VIC SEXTON as Rules and Disciplinary Director have been extended to include responsibility for BDO Youth and Health & Safety matters within the BDO.
BICC and Correspondence Director SUE WILLIAMS will be responsible for First-Aid.

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