Misery for Silverback as Scotty 2 Hotty Lifts the Trophy

Scott Waites is the 2013 Lakeside World Professional Darts Champion. Making his sixth appearance at Frimley Green the 35 year old Yorkshire man left the Lakeside stage with a cheque for £100k and the coveted trophy, following a 7-1 demolition of perennial BDO bridesmaid Tony O’Shea.

Scott Waites Lakeside

Waites & Trophy – Photo credit ESPN

The Silverback is almost Jenkinsesque in his darting disappointment, sharing his PDC counterpart’s inability to win ‘a big one’. Perhaps their mutual trait of Mr Nice Guy just doesn’t afford them the killer instinct? Or perhaps it’s a simple case of being outplayed on every occasion (numbering 7 or 8 for both).

BDO World Champion is the latest addition to an impressive and ever growing list of titles for Waites, in fact you can make an argument that the down to earth part-time player/full time carpenter’s curiculem vitae would be the envy of many a full time thrower.

Since 2010 Scotty 2 Hotty has netted The PDC Grand Slam, Winmau World Masters, Zuiderduin Masters and now the World Championship of his chosen code. Not to mention numerous opens in a darts career consisting of an almost 70% strike rate.

Historically the Waites train’s last Lakeside stop is the quarter final, however 2013 was the year it passed through two extra stations; showing no sign of running out of steam or derailing and only coming to rest when it ran out of track.

It barreled straight through Willy van de Wiel, Geert de Vos, Paul Jennings, young Richie George and O’Shea as each failed to apply the brakes. Not the toughest route ever to a final, but should he have been further tested I’m sure there was more in the boiler room.

O’Shea won the opening leg of the final but an early break from Waites secured the set 3-1, he backed this up by winning the second set 3-2 to forge a two set lead. A lead he would extend to five nil as the fourth and fifth sets were taken without reply, the out of sorts Silverback never looking to be in contention.

With the whitewash on the cards Waites (throwing for the set) bust madhouse which allowed O’Shea to clean up and register a set to save his embarrassment, however that and a 158 checkout would be the only significant contribution from the Stockport slinger as Waites went on to take the next two sets, sealing the 7-1 victory with a 110 finish.

Notwithstanding missing out on the trophy and title, the £70k gulf between the winner and losers cheque will only add to the Silverback’s grief, still £30k for 9 days work isn’t too bad, and the players know what they are competing for.

For Waites tonight sees one of his darting ambitions fulfilled as detailed in his 2011 interview with DartsMad.com, and he has even allowed himself a day off work tomorrow!

Afterwards he said “All I tried to do was battle my way to a few sets in front. It was so hot up there, very difficult to hold the darts.”

“Tony didn’t look like his normal self. Winning this is what everyone aspires to and I can’t believe I’ve won at the Lakeside.”

2013 Lakeside World Professional Darts Championship Final Results

2 37 20 4 158 16 27.30
501 1
8 46 15 6 110 13 28.81
501 7
Gameformat: Best of 13 sets, 5 legs.
Darts: 17, 16, 17, 16, 17, 16, 13, 17, 17, 20, 19, 14, 17, 18, 14, 20, 20, 20, 21, 17, 21, 17, 17, 20, 14, 16, 18, 18, 17, 18, 17, 15
Outshots: 32, 12, 64, 32, 16, 20, 36, 32, 60, 16, 32, 55, 20, 25, 24, 9, 9, 40, 25, 47, 35, 58, 32, 32, 25, 20, 71, 20, 36, 158, 16, 110