John Lowe Brings His Coaching Manual to The Apple iPad & iPhone

The most excellent Art of Darts coaching manual by John Lowe has been in publication for a few years now, in fact we have a few signed copies left if you are more of a bookworm than app addict.

However, the 3 times World Champion is not one to rest on his laurels and has spotted an opportunity to bring his tungsten knowledge to a wider, and arguable younger audience in an interactive format on Apple’s platform.

The John Lowe darts coaching app for iPad & iPhone caters for every level of player and features nearly 40 minutes of HD video by the darts legend.

This addition of video to clearly demonstrate John’s advice on matters such grip, stance, the throwing arm and tips to fine-tune your throw is invaluable, and will convey his message in ways just not achievable by the written word.

Apps are where its at in 2012; it is reported that Apple shifted 5 million units just 3 days after the iphone 5’s release. A fiercely loyal following also sees users queuing overnight to be the first to purchase new models, even if the upgrades are fairly modest!

So at a keenly priced £1.99 and the potential opportunity to reach many thousands of users, an app by Old Stone Face would seem to be a smart move. Below is additional information from the publisher.

John Lowe The Art of Darts App by FatSpanner

John Lowe’s darts master class that caters for every level of player, from the obsessed amateur to the fledgling professional, and reveals the secrets of his three decades experience at the pinnacle of the sport. Every conceivable aspect of the game is covered, from choosing the right grip, darts and practice routines to suit you, constructing out shots, perfecting your stance at the oche to tips on how to cope with the pressure of a sold out, noisy arena in your first professional match.

Whether you want to improve your game wholesale or simply fine tune some misbehaving aspects, The Art of Darts is essential for every darts player, fan or enthusiast and is well set to becoming the classic darts text.

John Lowe App“The Art of Darts is for dart players of all levels of play, proficient, and efficient, amateur, and professional, it illustrates the correct stance, grip, throw, and release, if followed closely it will not only improve your game, it will give you endless satisfaction, knowing you are capable of hitting that treble twenty, the centre bull, and the all important double, I trust you will enjoy The Art of Darts, as much as I enjoyed making it.

I cannot explain how important it is to beginners, and professionals, the importance of remembering the basics of throwing a dart, if you have a solid stance, grip, and release, one that you can trust time and again, you will grow in confidence, and confidence is the key factor to improving your game.

Once you have digested the basic principles of dart playing, then accepted the various options open to you, to discover your own individual style of play, you will realise, “The Art of Darts” is really quite simple.”
John Lowe

John Lowe won the World Championship title in three different decades – 1979, 1987 and 1993.

John Lowe achieved the ultimate feat in darts on 13 October 1984 during the World Matchplay tournament against Keith Deller when he managed a nine dart finish. This was the first time this had ever been accomplished by any darts player while being televised.

John Lowe AppIn addition to his three world titles Lowe has also won two World Masters titles, two British Open titles, two British Matchplay championships, two World Cup Singles and three European Cup Singles Titles, as well as countless other titles around the world in a hugely successful career. He played for England over 100 times and was captain for seven years, during which time his team were unbeaten.

Accessible and challenging at the same time, this game is a fun experience for darts fans and the uninitiated alike.



John Lowe AppMasterclass
1. Choosing the Right Darts
2. The Classic Grip
3. The Stance
4. The Throwing Arm
5. Fine-Tune Your Throw
6. Develop a Practice Routine

Advanced Masterclass
1. Preparing for a Match
2. Stop Those Mind Games
3. Lights! Camera! Action!
4. How to Approach a Sponsor

Extra Content
1. The Nine Dart Perfect Game
2. 10 Questions Competition

If you would like to win a copy of the John Lowe app, simply answer the following question:

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