TERRY JENKINS defeated namesake Andy Jenkins to claim victory in the John McEvoy Gold Dart Classic Players Championship in Killarney.

The world number five picked up his first title for 18 months with a strong display at Ireland’s National Event Centre.

He lost just one set throughout the day, in his opening game against Arthur O’Brien, and saw off Stephen O’Connor, Brian Doheny, Steve Maish and Felix McBrearty to reach the semi-finals.

Jenkins then whitewashed Kirk Shepherd in the last four before repeating that scoreline against Portsmouth ace Andy Jenkins in the decider to claim the £5,000 cheque.

Andy Jenkins’ run was his best on the PDC Pro Tour since June 2005 and comes hot on the heels of his qualification for the European Championship a week ago.

Both players had travelled to Killarney following their exits in Frankfurt, along with first round victims Colin Lloyd and Jacko Barry, quarter-finalist Kevin Painter and ITV pundit Steve Beaton, who reached the last 16.

Kirk Shepherd enjoyed his best run of form since reaching the final of the Ladbrokes.com World Darts Championship, while quarter-final appearances for Felix McBrearty, Jamie Caven and Matt Clark continued their good recent form.

Michael van Gerwen, who won Saturday’s Gleneagle Irish Masters, fell in a deciding leg to Painter at the last 16 stage after the pair missed a host of match darts in a tense finish.

John McEvoy Gold Dart Classic Players Championship
Preliminary Round
Radoslav Szaganski 3-0 Kevin McDonnell
Brian Doheny 3-1 Noel McCarthy
Peter Quinn 3-0 Jamie Shearer
Anthony Boyle 3-0 Michael Clampett
Aaron Loundes Bye (Jason O’Connor)
Ken Moran 3-1 Michael Byrne
Joe Byrne 3-1 Padraig Hester
Jimmy Murphy 3-2 Anto McCracken
Tommy Elmes 3-2 Philip Edwards Jnr
Anto Lynch 3-0 Bill Bailey
John-Paul Dowdall 3-0 Kieran McMund
Andy Reilly Bye (John Dempsey)
Mick Barry 3-0 Mark Howard
John Teahan 3-0 John-Paul Kinsella
William O’Carroll Bye (Jason McCann)
Pakie O’Donovan 3-0 John McEvoy
Graham Rooney 3-0 Adam McAuliffe
Dave Donachie 3-1 PJ Byrne
Lyndone Inchoco 3-1 Mark O’Donohoe
Andrew Dwyer 3-0 Ross O’Brien
Robert Moore 3-0 Barney Reddy

First Round
Terry Jenkins 3-1 Arthur O’Brien
Stephen O’Connor 3-0 Craig McCarthy
Sean Marshall 3-2 John Dunne
Brian Doheny 3-2 Radoslav Szaganski
Kevin McDine 3-0 Fred McSweeney
Steve McDonnell 3-0 Joe Collins
Steve Maish 3-0 Vidal Rugales
Peter Quinn 3-0 Phillip Bautista
Andy Smith 3-0 Peter Waters
TJ Dixon Bye (James Whelan)
James Keogh 3-1 Joseph Kelly
Anthony Boyle 3-2 Mick Egan
Adrian Gray Bye (Mick Dwyer)
Alan Ramsell 3-1 Steven Ring
Felix McBrearty 3-2 Jimmy Leahy
Damien O’Driscoll 3-0 Aaron Loundes
Kirk Shepherd 3-0 Kevin Foley
Noel Bowes 3-0 Jerry Coughlan
Andrew Davies 3-0 Derek Thornton
Joe Byrne 3-1 Ken Moran
Wes Newton 3-0 Leonard Fitzgerald
Mark Kinsella 3-0 John O’Sullivan
Brendan Dolan 3-0 Ian McCarthy
Jimmy Murphy 3-0 Brian Coleman
Mark Dudbridge 3-0 James Hogan
Ali Powell 3-0 James Byrne
Shane O’Connor 3-0 Shane O’Hara
Anto Lynch 3-0 Tommy Elmes
Mick McGowan 3-0 Declan O’Sullivan
Billy Matthews 3-0 Tommy Kelly
Jamie Caven 3-0 Mark Willis
Alan O’Reilly 3-1 John-Paul Dowdall
Garrett Gray 3-0 Colin Lloyd
Mike Begley Bye (Caesar Colocado)
John Jenkinson 3-2 Dave O’Leary
Mick Barry 3-1 Alan Reilly
Matt Clark 3-0 Noel Canning
Eugene McArdle 3-1 David Bradley
Colin Monk Bye (Gerry Egan)
John Teahan 3-0 Ian McNaney
Barrie Bates 3-0 David Kellaghan
Dave Murphy 3-2 Jim McKevitt
Sean Palfrey 3-0 Stiofian O’Dalaigh
John Hannon 3-0 William O’Carroll
Tony Eccles 3-0 Darrell Hodgson
Benny Grace 3-0 Tony McGregor
Dave Honey 3-0 Pat O’Flaherty
Pakie O’Donovan 3-1 Jim Craig
Andy Jenkins 3-0 Jerry Kelliher
James Morrisey 3-1 Brian Cullen
Robert Watson-Lang 3-2 Laurene Collins
Danny Brosnan 3-1 Graham Rooney
Steve Beaton 3-0 Eamon Carey
Mick Meaney Jnr 3-0 Billy McAuliffe
John MaGowan 3-0 Chris O’Neill
Connie Finnan 3-1 Dave Donachie
Kevin Painter 3-0 David Sheerin
Brian Murphy 3-0 Steven Coyne
Jason Cullen 3-1 James Murphy
Andrew Dwyer 3-1 Lyndon Inchoco
Michael van Gerwen 3-0 Ted Foxe
Aodhagen O’Neill 3-1 David Buckley
John Burke 3-1 Jacko Barry
Robert Moore 3-0 Keith Breen

Second Round
Terry Jenkins 3-0 Stephen O’Connor
Brian Doheny 3-2Sean Marshall
Kevin McDine 3-0 Steve McDonnell
Steve Maish 3-0 Peter Quinn
Andy Smith 3-0 TJ Dixon
James Keogh 3-2 Anthony Boyle
Adrian Gray 3-0 Alan Ramsell
Felix McBrearty 3-0 Damien O’Driscoll
Kirk Shepherd 3-0 Noel Bowes
Joe Byrne 3-0 Andrew Davies
Wes Newton 3-0 Mark Kinsella
Brendan Dolan 3-0 Jimmy Murphy
Mark Dudbridge 3-0 Ali Powell
Shane O’Connor 3-0 Anto Lynch
Mick McGowan 3-2 Billy Matthews
Jamie Caven 3-1 Alan O’Reilly
Garrett Gray 3-0 Mike Begley
Mick Barry 3-0 John Jenkinson
Matt Clark 3-0 Eugene McArdle
Colin Monk 3-0 John Teahan
Barrie Bates 3-1 Dave Murphy
John Hannon 3-1 Sean Palfrey
Tony Eccles 3-1 Benny Grace
Dave Honey 3-0 Pakie O’Donnovan
Andy Jenkins 3-0 James Morrisey
Robert Watson-Lang 3-1 Danny Brosnan
Steve Beaton 3-0 Mick Meaney Jnr
John MaGowan 3-0 Connie Finnan
Kevin Painter 3-0 Brian Murphy
Andrew Dwyer 3-2 Jason Cullen
Michael van Gerwen 3-2 Aodhagen O’Neill
John Burke 3-1 Robert Moore
Losers £75

Third Round
Terry Jenkins 3-0 Brian Doheny
Steve Maish 3-2 Kevin McDine
James Keogh 3-2 Andy Smith
Felix McBrearty 3-1 Adrian Gray
Kirk Shepherd 3-0 Joe Byrne
Wes Newton 3-1 Brendan Dolan
Mark Dudbridge 3-0 Shane O’Connor
Jamie Caven 3-0 Mick McGowan
Garret Gray 3-2 Mick Barry
Matt Clark 3-2 Colin Monk
Barrie Bates 3-0 John Hannon
Tony Eccles 3-1 Dave Honey
Andy Jenkins 3-2 Robert Watson-Lang
Steve Beaton 3-0 John MaGowan
Kevin Painter 3-0 Andrew Dwyer
Michael van Gerwen 3-0 John Burke
Losers £150

Fourth Round
Terry Jenkins 3-0 Steve Maish
Felix McBrearty 3-1 James Keogh
Kirk Shepherd 3-2 Wes Newton
Jamie Caven 3-2 Mark Dudbridge
Matt Clark 3-1 Garrett Gray
Barrie Bates 3-2 Tony Eccles
Andy Jenkins 3-0 Steve Beaton
Kevin Painter 3-2 Michael van Gerwen
Losers £300

Terry Jenkins 3-0 Felix McBrearty
Kirk Shepherd 3-1 Jamie Caven
Barrie Bates 3-1 Matt Clark
Andy Jenkins 3-0 Kevin Painter
Losers £600

Terry Jenkins 3-0 Kirk Shepherd (2-0, 2-0, 2-0)
Andy Jenkins 3-2 Barrie Bates (1-2, 2-1, 1-2, 2-1, 2-1)
Losers £1,250

Terry Jenkins 3-0 Andy Jenkins (2-0, 2-0, 2-0)
Winner £5,000
Runner-Up £2,500

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