You may recall earlier on in the year we reviewed David Kirby’s darts coaching manual. The full review can be found here.

6 months on from the Definitive Darts Coaching Manual, David now plans to expand into a series of at least five books. Book two is likely to consist of a number of darts related essays around coaching principles.

Book three is under wraps, but the author assures us that “it will be unique in what it offers the darts enthusiast”. Book four will be a novel, presumably darts related , which is erm….a novel idea. Maybe one for the ladies? 50 Shades of Tungsten anyone!

Book five will look at the science and statistical  approach to finishing, and sounds like a publication we would definitley like to get our hands on, and will expand on themes explored in book one.

Unfortunately though, you will have to wait until at least January 2013 for book two, with the rest of the series following annually.

In the meantime, why not whet your appetites with the catalyst for the series? The Definitive Darts Coaching Manual can purchased through our new online shop here.

Check out Davids website  -

and the facebook page - where there is currently an interesting quiz!



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