Many darts enthusiasts will have already gleaned this information from Twitter and other online resources, however it is now been officially announced by the BDO that Martin Adams has resigned from his position of Player/Director. This resignation comes less than 12 months after Wolfie accepted the position following the coup that booted out Olly Croft.

Below is the official statement as featured on the BDO website:

Following the recent meeting of the BDO Board of Directors, the resignation of Martin Adams as Players Director was reluctantly accepted.

His letter to Chairman Barry Gilbey stated:

“I have tried over the last few years to put something back into the sport and the organisation that has been so good to me. I have remained loyal to the BDO and will continue to do so, but only as a player. I cannot devote any more time to the administration of the sport.”

Barry Gilbey says: “Though the Board fully understands and respects the reasons for Martin’s resignation, he will be missed as a BDO Director. We all wish him well in concentrating on his playing career.”There are other changes to strengthen the Board, with Rules Director, Vic Sexton accepting the additional responsibility of overseeing disciplinary issues as Rules and Disciplinary Director.

Robert Holmes, the BDO’s PR Consultant has been brought onto the BDO Board as an Executive Director so that his experience and professionalism can continue to be utilised to the greatest possible effect for the BDO.

“These are times of change for the BDO”, adds Barry Gilbey. “The Board has been faced with a lot of challenging re-organisation and is now extremely optimistic about the future growth of the BDO and the roles which they are committed to as we move ever forward”.

BDO BOARD of Directors:

BARRY GILBEY, Chairman with responsibility for development.
WAYNE WILLIAMS, Tournament Director
VIC SEXTON, Rules & Disciplinary Director
DEREK WESTON, Youth Director
SUE WILLIAMS, BICC and Minutes Director

Executive Directors:
ROD HARVEY, Company Secretary with responsibility for Finance
ROBERT HOLMES, Communications/Liaison Director

The BDO has a new Head Office and contact details are as follows: 
BRITISH DARTS ORGANISATION, Unit 4, Glan-y-Llyn Industrial Estate, Taffs Well, Cardiff, CF15 7JD. Telephone:            02920-811815

Premature resignation? Not really, it was argued that Wolfies position on the board was a conflict of interest to begin with. As we remarked at the time – few sports have their number one player so involved in the mechanics of the game.

Will these latest changes actually strengthen the board? I suspect not…to truely move forward and make the changes to secure a healthy long term future, the BDO needs an injection of new blood and fresh ideas.


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